Privacy Policy

Who we are

Bad Mushroom is a team of indie game developers, this is our privacy policy for all of our apps and games.

Our users privacy is a great deal for us, as we describe in this privacy policy article.

What informations do we collect:

Personal informations: 

We don’t collect any of our users personal information, and we do dont disclose it or share it with a third party.

Non-Personal informations:

 (information about your device, installed apps on your phone….) We may collect our users non-personal informations in order to create and offer a better service by studying and analyzing this type of informations..

Do we disclose our users informations:

We don’t disclose any of our users information to any third-party, when collecting the non-personal information, we use it just by our team to offer a better service to our users.

About showing ads in our applications and games:

Our apps and games my show ads to our users, it’s a way to monetize our effort to provide a better service.

Ads in our apps are shown by third-party companies, therefore you may click on the ad and leave our app, we are not responsible of the user behavior when leaving our apps.

Action by users in our apps and games:

In case of apps or games that allow a user to share content with other users, we are not responsible of any shared content by our users, these actions are the responsibility of the user who shared the content by his own will.

Permission we request when installing one of our apps:

All requested permission by our apps are crucial for the best execution of the functionalities provided by our apps.

We may change our privacy policy:

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy in the future, but we continue to protect our users privacy in every app we publish.